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Tesla model 3
© Creative Car Sounds

This sounds great in every car even electric ones, the FOCAL ISUB ACTIVE is an awesome compact bass driver, definitely hits harder then it looks!!

© Creative Car Sounds07 May 24
Jeep Wrangler Sport
© Creative Car Sounds

Dirty old school jeeps are great but they certainly lack the sound and tech of modern cars, this customer is one of my regulars and with this car heading to Cyprus he needed me to work some magic before it leaves, he sourced a VDP over head sound bar and a Double Din conversion kit and all I had to do was install it all, lovely bit of kit on a lovely car, hope you enjoy the video.

© Creative Car Sounds17 Mar 24
Toyota Supra
© Creative Car Sounds

Another Supra in for an Audio upgrade, installed a Blam speaker set with subs running on a Rockford Fosgate 5 channel amp, even though this is the base spec model you think Toyota would have at least put some rear speakers in one of the top model cars.

© Creative Car Sounds13 Jan 24
© Creative Car Sounds

Customer with a reasonable budget needed me to solve the audio and tech issues he had on his lovely Z4, with 3 way front doors and component rears the first thing that jumped to mind was a Focal K2 system as these sound great, nice SQ Focal amp to drive it and small 8" ported sub in the rear to help with the lows, topped of with Apple Car play and Android Auto to bring it into this century, quite an easy job with great output, only downside is no DSP to get the best of the speakers but that can always be added later, hope you enjoy!

© Creative Car Sounds19 Dec 23
Happy Halloween
© Creative Car Sounds

Regular customer Steve graciously brought in his Funeral Private Ambulance T6 transporter for a technology upgrade, stereo, apple car play. android auto, under seat sub, full Focal speaker upgrade front and rear and drop down roof screen for the kids while he's not using it for work purposes, plus some spooky happenings while I'm working on it, hope you enjoy the video.

© Creative Car Sounds31 Oct 23
Smart ForFour Brabus
© Creative Car Sounds

Sometimes its probably best to watch a YouTube guide on how to take cars apart, well it shows quite clearly here that's not my style, although would have saved me some time if I had, sit back and enjoy how even the professionals get it wrong sometimes, came out good in the end though.

© Creative Car Sounds16 Oct 23
VW T25
© Creative Car Sounds

VW T25 gets an impressive Audio and Tech Upgrade, Alpine full Type R install, custom subwoofer box, security, voltmeter, tachometer, central locking plus a whole lot more, powered by a leisure battery and split charge relay, sit back and enjoy a simple but very loud sound system getting installed.

© Creative Car Sounds11 Sep 23
McLaren MSO
© Creative Car Sounds

For my 1000 subscriber special sit back and enjoy when I worked on Rowan Atkinson's awesome F1 supercar, a tough job but very rewarding although they certainly put a lot of hoops for me to jump through, bit of a long one so get comfy and enjoy a video of what I had to do. All started with a call at the shop from the legendary MSO.

© Creative Car Sounds14 Jul 23
2013 Land Rover Defender
© Creative Car Sounds

Pioneer Double Din Conversion, Custom Sub Enclosure, Reverse Camera, Rockford Fosgate Amplifiers, Focal K2 Audio and 17" Drop down screen, what more could you need when hitting some serious Off Road Action, follow me as we install all the parts listed above, enjoy.

© Creative Car Sounds13 Jun 23
Lotus Esprit & Elan SE
© Creative Car Sounds

Two absolute beauty's in for some modern Pioneer DAB radio receivers, so rare to see an Esprit turbo in such nice condition, apart from the fecking roof antenna, oh well not too bad to fix, and followed by a lovely little Elan SE for similar work, plus the bonus of finding a discreet subwoofer for the lower ends. Great day and my first and probably last Double Lotus Special, hope you enjoy.

© Creative Car Sounds09 May 23
Drift Car
© Creative Car Sounds

Luke from GEO by Luke asked me to help on those boring drives to all the cool car things he is involved with and lacked a decent system to enjoy the beats with. So a simple but effective system had the pioneer SPH system up front, new Alpine amp and Speakers in the rear and a Focal ibus20 for those punchy lower ends, compact, lightweight and centrally mounted, what more does a professional drift car need.

© Creative Car Sounds26 Feb 23
© Creative Car Sounds

When just having a sound system isn't enough in a car the logical thing to do is fit an entire DJ Booth back there! Sit back and enjoy a long video of how I put this all together from empty boot to finished item, was a lot of fun but also hard work with some trials and tribulations thrown in along the way.

© Creative Car Sounds20 Oct 22
MK 7 Fiesta
© Creative Car Sounds

Customer needed a much louder system and wanted to keep OEM system look, so Alpine type Rs can handle that all day long, combined with the right amp and this system is ready to impress. Big thank you to my daughter Florina for her help and first time she has worked at my shop, hope you enjoy the video.

© Creative Car Sounds06 Sep 22
Lexus Rx400h
© Creative Car Sounds

One of those jobs from day one that was twitching my senses, water leak and not just a small one, which caused the reverse light electrics to go nuts, then a modification to the custom box was needed plus delay on carpet supply and to top it off a cooked voice coil on a JL slimline Sub, not my most efficient job but the out come was still great eventually, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

© Creative Car Sounds18 Jul 22
Ferrari 456GT
© Creative Car Sounds

This is an awesome car but lacking in a space to put a high quality stereo, so a solution was needed and I think you'll like what we did, the skies the limit when it comes to adding good audio to any car, including ones that don't fit. Basically extended the front panel of an Alpine CDA stereo so the main bulk of the unit can be relocated, add an amp and speakers, problem solved. And still never found out where those vibes came from.

© Creative Car Sounds23 Jun 22
MK1 Golf
© Creative Car Sounds

Beautiful low riding Mk1 Golf in for a nice audio upgrade, well it had no audio when it came in so a so can you upgrade nothing? Blaupunkt have recently released some old style looking systems that work well in this type of vehicle and Rockford Fosgate in the rear, as the speakers are only 4"x6" then the Kenwood sub mounted under the chair will help with the low end, nice fun car to work on with some very cool stance.

© Creative Car Sounds05 May 22
C8 Aileron
© Creative Car Sounds

For the channels birthday I thought we'd take a stroll down memory lane and I'll show you a very cool job from back in 2010, My company was approached by Spyker and commissioned two cars for the leaving CEO as gifts, budgets weren't huge and they wanted a lot of features so sit back and relax and enjoy some Story time with Neil.

© Creative Car Sounds12 Apr 22
Ford MK3
© Creative Car Sounds

Old school keys and Fluffy Dice on the mirror, you know that can only be pulled off by a few cars, and this one is no exception, beautifully restored and in stunning condition, came in for some much needed security upgrades including a Clifford MK3 concept 650, a beast of an alarm.

© Creative Car Sounds28 Mar 22
Crash repair
© Creative Car Sounds

Salim at Spotless Auto Body Repair as worked his magic and fixed up my work van better than new. You'll also see the job I did on a BMW E46 M3 in exchange for the van, don't forget to comment about the trim colour and pin stripe.

© Creative Car Sounds23 Feb 22
Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio
© Creative Car Sounds

A quick opinion video on this rare Alfa, I guess the only thing missing from this video is showing you how fast it is, less than 4 second 0-60, I think they got the interior spot on with this car.

© Creative Car Sounds18 Feb 22
Ford Ranger Wildtrack
© Creative Car Sounds

The Front Body Modification make this Ford Wildtrak look so much better and aggressive, gives me an American interceptor cop car vibe, now he can catch the baddies while enjoying the sweet additional bass and front speaker power provided by a personal favorite, the Focal Ibus2.1, punchy compact bass driver with loads of features.

© Creative Car Sounds26 Jan 22
MK5 Toyota Supra GR
© Creative Car Sounds

Had this Modified Toyota Mk5 Supra in previously for a simple install, but the bug of social media bit and so a much better build was needed, used all the same equipment apart from the 10" which was upgraded to a 12" Rockford Fosgate to match the twin 8's, follow me through the build process and also an added RTC involving the work van, hope you enjoy this one

© Creative Car Sounds02 Jan 22
Toyota Supra
© Creative Car Sounds

Customer passed by the shop today as he needs more lower end bass in his new Supra that we did simple box in before, seems a great opportunity to build something much nicer, but, what to build? I'll read over the comments to see what is the current trend in boot installs is, some like wild and some like elegant, lets see what mad ideas are mentioned.

© Creative Car Sounds07 Dec 21
Golf MK6
© Creative Car Sounds

Thought I'd Share a few examples of what to do when you want to install an aftermarket subwoofer on the the Original Equipment of Manufacture, this video has a Volkswagen Mk 6 Golf having the work done but a similar principle is applied to other vehicles, hope you enjoy and learn some nice tricks and tips.

© Creative Car Sounds03 Nov 21
Fibreglass boot sub enclosure
© Creative Car Sounds

Showing you the wins and dramas of building a moulded fiberglass subwoofer enclosure in a 2018 Subaru Impreza WRX STI, installed a nice clean sounding Rockford Fosgate 10" Punch Subwoofer, but not everything goes exactly to plan.

© Creative Car Sounds07 Oct 21
American V8 in a TVR Tuscan
© Creative Car Sounds

Some mad man has put a Big Block American V8 into what is already a proper drivers car, this thing was just insane to work on and feel all those horses in a very lightweight car, we basically tried to compete with the exhaust sound by upgrading a none existent sound system, Pioneer SPH-EVO64DAB up front with a Rockford Fosgate PBR400x4D powering some Alpine R-S65.2 speakers, wanted to go for a bigger build but as they say customer is always right.

© Creative Car Sounds23 Sep 21
Super big truck
© Creative Car Sounds

This is by far the largest go anywhere Motorhome that I've ever seen, built for exploring the world all for one awesome guy named James, if you read the details on the websites linked below you will see more of this amazing story and why when I heard that they were having issues getting the work done then I had to make this happen. I imagine that when traveling the world you may need the ability to check your surrounds and obviously some vehicle security is required, so I installed the most reliable, hardy and good quality system immobilizer and put some night vision recording cameras all the way round the vehicle, also had to give them a sound upgrade too to enjoy on their long travels.

© Creative Car Sounds08 Sep 23
Mercedes CL 500
© Creative Car Sounds

2004 Mercedes CL 500 in for a jump to the modern era, fitting up a Pioneer SPH-DA130DAB with all the right parts including reversing camera and additional B-line supplied by a pair of 8" Sundown Audio Subwoofers in very nice ported boxes running off a Ground zero mono block, Morel speaker upgrade is next on the list.

© Creative Car Sounds29 Aug 21
2021 Morgan Plus
© Creative Car Sounds

Can't show you details but please just enjoy a classic car shape rebuilt with all the modern perks, had an alarm and tracker installed but it would have to be a brave thief to try and subtlety steal this one.

© Creative Car Sounds09 Aug 21
Ford Sierra Cosworth
© Creative Car Sounds

Installed a Pioneer DEH-S520BT into this amazing condition rare Cosworth, the job was simple but getting to see this car up close was awesome, the owner is a very lucky guy, thanks for bringing it in.

© Creative Car Sounds27 Jul 21
© Creative Car Sounds

Had a 2015 BMW i8 in for an upgrade as the OEM bass driver had some issues and customer wanted more from his sound system, you'll have to watch to see but its an annoying system just to do an upgrade, got there in the end but definitely not one of my favorites to work on but cool car either way.

© Creative Car Sounds12 Jul 21
Range Rover Evoque
© Creative Car Sounds

Sadly this lovely car only had the basic sound system and that will never do so Alpine Type R R-S65C.2 speakers front and back and an Alpine Type X X-A70F amplifier will certainly fix that, paired up with a Focal Bomba BP20 makes this an awesome sounding yet discreet audio upgrade.

© Creative Car Sounds22 Jun 21
Ferrari Spider
© Creative Car Sounds

Lovely car with original purchaser still the current owner, but the simple stereo swap led to hours of cable management and surprises behind every door, nice car tough job but it had to be done.

© Creative Car Sounds13 Jun 21
Fiat 595 Abarth
© Creative Car Sounds

A quick run through of installing a nice Double Din Head Unit with all the features you need nowadays (sorry CDs) and swapping the factory speaker system for a set of Focal PS 165 v1 up front with Focal PC165 in the rear, beefed up with the Focal Bomba BP20 in the boot, in this little car it will sound awesome.

© Creative Car Sounds08 Jun 21
Toyota Supra GR
© Creative Car Sounds

Long term fan of the heritage of the Toyota Supra so was happy to see the new one in the shop, it wasn't exactly how I expected but a lovely car none the less, built up a fitted triple box to house two 8" Alpine type G subs, also a 12" Rockford Fosgate powered off a P400x1, Focal ES 100K provide all the clarity we need for the mids and Highs powered of an Alpine Amplifier, nice install with a lovey punchy Bass Line

© Creative Car Sounds31 May 21
Porsche Macan GTS
© Creative Car Sounds

Unboxing and installing a very nice Thinkware U1000 4k Dash Cam and also the rear camera on a custom 3D printed mount, amazing Dash Camera and record Day/Night continuous and in parking mode option, all can be viewed locally on any smartphone

© Creative Car Sounds23 May 21
MG BGT sport
© Creative Car Sounds

Just a Short, Fun video of me helping out a good customer with a birds nest of cables needing some attention, was nice to have a chat with a customer full of character and owner of a lovely MG BGT.

© Creative Car Sounds17 May 21
Porche Targa
© Creative Car Sounds

I've always loved the styling of the Porsche Targa and this 1997 Black one doesn't disappoint, simple Focal, Rockford Fosgate speakers and active bass driver install.

© Creative Car Sounds07 May 21
Chrysler 300C
© Creative Car Sounds

Hi guys, a shortish video on the process if upgrading some lighting effects on the door cards and lower interior of a Chrysler 300C, came out really nice but tell me what you think.

© Creative Car Sounds02 May 21
© Creative Car Sounds

Got to install a lovely car audio system in a car that I haven't done before, Focal speakers powered by an Alpine amp and lower end perfectly delivered from the Bandpass enclosure of the Focal BombA BP20

© Creative Car Sounds25 Apr 21
Ferrari 355 Spyder
© Creative Car Sounds

A nice day at the shop with a couple of beautiful cars, Still amazed it was the Focal product at fault as have never had issues like that before. I may have called some of the newer cars rubbish, maybe a bit of a lie, but I definitely have a big soft spot for the older generation of vehicles.

© Creative Car Sounds18 Apr 21
VW Beetle
© Creative Car Sounds

Customer wanted some more sound so rebuilt his existing system, added some Alpine 6"x9" with a JL sub and boom, job done.

© Creative Car Sounds13 Apr 21
© Creative Car Sounds

We've all been there lately, sitting at home going down a you tube hole, so here's a spade and hope you dig a little further, this is our first video and introduction to Creative Car Sounds, bit late to the party but we're just getting started!!!

© Creative Car Sounds09 Apr 21